Snack Chat! -- Have Fun Finding Your Dream Job
Tuesday, Feb. 11
5 - 7 PM
University Religious Center (URC) room 104
(Look for the 8-foot tall Worldwide Friends sign)

Get a handle on beginning "the job-hunting method ... that works 86% of the time" in a series of exercises that "begins with Who (are you) before What (I shall do)." (See What Color Is Your Parachute).  Bring your friends and classmates to work on the famous "Flower Exercise."

Snack Chat! is two hours of fun, food, and friends. We enjoy games, discussions, presentations, videos, and tasty food of every variety including Chinese, Indian vegetarian, fruit, sweets, tea and juice. You can stop by and then leave for your next class or stick around to make deeper friendships.

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Saturday, Sept. 28
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Learn to surf with seasoned surfer Steve Pike! Sign up right away below to claim your seat. Only four spots available this time.

Pike will provide you with instruction, a wet suit, a surf board, and a wonderful time. You'll just need to bring:

  • a tight swimsuit (that you can pull a wetsuit over)

  • watershoes or old sneakers (to protect your feet from sharp rocks in the water)

  • warm clothes (it can get cold!)

  • water (1-2 liters) and an optional snack

  • a towel

  • $10 for your driver for transportation and parking. You may also want money for lunch.

The ability to swim is required. Your driver will meet you at the northeast corner of Hoover and 30th St. at 7:00 AM for those who have reserved. You will probably be back to USC by 3 PM.

Sign up below! Seats are limited.