Saturday, August 10
8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Our friend, Kamran, has been enjoying kayaking and has offered to lead a trip for any of you who might like to go.  Kayaking really is a lot of fun and easy to catch on to.  You'll be paddling in your own kayak around in the bay.   

Place:  Alamitos Bay in Long Beach.  Please check kayakrentals.net to see more about it. 

Preparation:  It's a good idea to wear a swimsuit or shorts, a hat and sunglasses.  Also, bring sunscreen, a towel, and something to cover with afterward.  You will get wet!  That's half the fun! 

Important:  It is an absolute requirement is that you know how to swim in deep water.  They won't let you go out if you can't, and you'll be stuck on the shore for all the time we're there. 

Costs:  Kayak rental is $12 an hour.  Time over an hour is pro-rated (i.e. you don't have to pay for the whole 2nd hour if you're a little late.)  However, if the majority want to go for 2 hours for $24, we can do that.   Please also bring $5 to help your driver with gas and parking. You may want some money for lunch, or you can bring your own lunch.

Rides:  Meet at the bus stop on the northeast corner of Hoover and 30th Streets at 8 a.m.  Please try to be on time so you won't delay the trip and keep others waiting.  If you can drive your car and help transport others, that would be great.  Let us know.  You'll receive $5 for everyone in your car. 

Reservations:  The final deadline is Thursday, August 8.  However, seats are limited to the number of drivers we have, so sign up right away with your phone number at the RSVP below to insure that you can go.


Learn to surf with seasoned surfer Steve Pike!  Sign up ASAP below to claim your seat to Dana Point in Orange County.

Saturday, July 20
7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Learn to surf with seasoned surfer Steve Pike!  Sign up ASAP below to claim your seat to Dana Point in Orange County.

Pike will provide you with instruction, a wet suit, a surf board, and a wonderful time. You'll just need to bring:

  • a tight swimsuit (that you can pull a wetsuit over)

  • watershoes or old sneakers (to protect your feet from sharp rocks in the water)

  • warm clothes (it can get cold!)

  • water (1-2 liters) and an optional snack

  • a towel

  • $10 for your driver for transportation and parking. You may also want money for lunch.

     The ability to swim is required. Your driver will meet you at the northeast corner of Hoover and 30th St. at 7:30 AM for those who have reserved. You will probably be back to USC by 2 PM, or earlier depending on traffic.

Sign up below! Seats are limited.



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